Monday, November 24, 2008

Ohio Thanksgiving

This past weekend we traveled for the first time with both boys to Cincinnati to celebrate an early Thanksgiving with my family. Asher enjoyed playing with all of my cousins' children that are pictured above.

Asher was busy all night long playing with the toys in my mom's basement. When I was growing up, I used to play "school" with the chalkboard that Asher is writing on. Glad to see toys that can cross generations.

This is Asher's first attempt to ride a bike (would help if his feet could touch the pedals).

A sweet picture of Asher with his cousin Ayanna. He is still talking about "yanna" (what Asher calls her now). He enjoyed chasing her around and giving her hugs.
Before heading back to Nashville, we met my dad at a Starbucks. Jonas slept the entire time but Asher kept us all busy as he enjoyed running around the tables and kept asking to be chased (thankfully there were very few customers). We made it back to Nashville safely but are not in any rush to take another road trip. Traveling with two little ones is not easy, especially when you have to stop twice on your trip to feed a baby and a toddler who doesn't understand "we are almost there." However, David and I did have a fun time singing every nursery rhyme, children's song and even Christmas songs that came to mind to keep Asher entertained.

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