Saturday, January 15, 2011

snow! snow! snow!

Snow fell upon our city this past Sunday night and we woke up to a beautiful white blanket on the ground. Asher is now associating snow with Christmas morning and asked if Santa had come. Thankfully, we had traveled north for Christmas so we had our snowsuits ready to adorn.

Asher thought it would be fun to make different types of tracks in the snow, including bike tracks.

Jonas, my cleaner-upper, had to clear the snow off of everything in his reach- the steps, his sandbox, the car, the garbage cans.

Asher is always ready to have a snow ball fight!!

And of course, when you can't go anywhere, you do the next best invite your neighbors (Rebecca, Gavin and Zack) over to play.

My friend Rebecca's snow day tradition growing up was to make beignets (french doughnuts). We were more than obliged to help her continue this delicious tradtion along with our other neighbors Shawn and Sydney (wish I could have gotten a picture of sweet Sydney in her winter gear!).

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