Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3 girls, 4 cakes, 1 birthday party

I have been busy cake making/decorating so have been absent for awhile. This last cake order was fun to do and brought new challenges to what I have done in the past. The party was for three girls with birthdays all within a couple of weeks of each other so instead of three parties, they decided on one party with the same theme and same friends. The theme was gymnastics and I really didn't know where to begin with a design. But, thankfully to Google images, I was able to find a cake that fit the description and we altered the colors to match their party theme. I matched the girls' hair color with the girl on top of their cakes. The most challenging part was making the fondant gymnastic girls. I had difficulty with keeping their legs, arms and faces from not falling off. You will see that I had to repair the girl on "Ellen's" cake so her leg isn't as straight as I would have liked. Thankfully, Ellen and her mom were very forgiving and layed back with the it all and were so fun to work with in the design. Each girl had their own 8"round cake to take home with them for their family party and then we did one sheet cake to serve their friends at the the party.

If anyone has had prior experience to working with fondant in this situation, would love to hear any feedback!!


Karina said...

They look great, Sarah! Did you use letter cutouts for their names, or did you freehand them somehow? I can't even tell that the leg fell off.

Sarah said...

I printed the names out in a large font size and then traced around them to cut out their names. It was a combination of tracing and freehanding. It was definitely up there in the hardest part of the cake.