Saturday, March 26, 2011

party time!

Asher's birthday party kicked off with the kids decorating their capes and donning their masks. Let the fun begin!

After all were in their Super Friend gear, we headed outdoors to Super Friend training. First the kids created their own super hero by coloring and giving a name to their boy/girl hero.

We then headed to the obstacle course. Wish Asher got a great kick out of watching Elijah lead off for all the kids to see how to do it!

My original idea was to have each kid go through individually but they were too excited and just all raced through it together...which did make it much more fun! Sometimes it's better to have kids take the lead than plan ahead.

KB making her own design for Gotham City!

Jonas managing the back yard, ensuring that all of the friends are having a good time.

How do you manage this many kids to line up and take multiple pictures for you? You promise them cake right after it!!


Singing Happy Birthday!

An exhausted family at the end of a very fun party!

We love you sweet Asher and are so thankful for making our lives not only better but so much more fun!! You continually make us laugh!! Thank you for letting us all celebrate your four years of life with you!

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