Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We had been hearing about the train display at Cheekwood for weeks and finally, we found a day that worked for our friends and the weather! This is a must see if you have children that love trains!!

This was when we first arrived and Crosby lasted about five seconds in the stroller before he wanted out with the rest of the boys.

All the kids waiting so patiently for their moms to get their lunches for them. We thought this was a perfect moment to try and capture a picture with all of them.

Sweet brothers!!

Waiting for the trains....(we kept trying to explain to them that if they just stay in one spot and wait, they will see the trains come around again instead of trying to chase them down.)

Since Asher was the oldest one there, I didn't know what his response to the younger boys would be. I soon found out that he took on the motherly role by helping Miss Danielle chase down Crosby. Asher grew very fond of Miss Danielle so I had to get their picture together to remember this sweet morning.

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