Tuesday, July 12, 2011

U2 Nashville

David and I are pretty big fans of U2...okay they are my favorite band. We saw them in Atlanta in '09 on this same 360 tour. After that show, all we wanted to do was see them again. So, we bought tickets for their proposed show in Chicago in July '10. Bono hurt his back and all concerts were cancelled for the rest of the year. Our show was rescheduled for July '11. THEN, they announced they were adding a show in Nashville just three days prior to their Chicago show. We couldn't NOT see them in our hometown. :) So here we are at the Nashville show.

We caught dinner with friends before going to the show in Hillsboro Village. It was fun walking from dinner to the concert and seeing so many familiar faces along the way. It seems like almost everyone we knew from Nashville was going to the show.

What a fun night, especially when Bono referred to having dinner the night before with people like Jars of Clay, Amy (Grant), and Michael J. Smith (I will now also refer to Michael W. Smith as Michael J. Smith...if Bono says it, it's TRUTH. :))

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