Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is what I hear all day long from Asher, "Mower." The boy loves mowers. I don't know what has created this obsession. We will be inside and he can hear a mower start up several houses down and want to go outside to see it. When we go to the park, it is the first thing he wants to see (we do have some really big mowers at Centennial Park that he is fascinated with). Last night, he stood by our front window and watched our neighbor across the street mow his lawn, trim his lawn, and sweep the grass trimmings. It kept him so entertained, and Asher would occassionally turn to me and say "mower" and "grass" and "broom" (when he was sweeping). He enjoys looking at mowers in catalogs, and when we color, it is the first thing he requests that I draw. I know David hopes that he will continue to like mowers this much when he is old enough to actually mow the lawn!

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Karina said...

Our boys should get together! Rad is really into chainsaws and weed-eaters!