Monday, September 8, 2008

South Bend, Indiana

David and I headed to South Bend, Indiana this past weekend and left Asher with David's parents. This was our last weekend get-away before the baby arrives. David lived in South Bend for 5 years while working as an engineer. On Friday, we were able to visit where he used to work and see a few of the guys he used to work with. Then we spent the rest of the weekend with Sam and Kelly Barrington (and their three children). We had a really fun time hanging out with them and I was glad to get to know them better, especially after hearing so many great stories about David's time with them in South Bend. Sam, Kelly, myself, and David at the Barrington's home just before leaving for the Notre Dame game.
We were able to get on campus early enough to see some of the pre-game traditions and highlights of the campus. David and I are standing in front of "touchdown Jesus"(the Notre Dame library, which also had a great bathroom :)).
David in front of "First down Moses" (not sure why David is lifting his arms unless to question why it looks like Moses has horns).
While watching the Notre Dame football team head to the stadium after attending mass, we caught a pretty good view of Joe Montana.

David and I at the game. We had pretty good seats (35 yard line and on the Notre Dame side). I should clarify that the seats were "good" because of their view not because of their comfortableness (we were on a very small wooden bench).
Joe Montana and his wife down on the field. They kept us entertained when the game wasn't exciting.

Coach Charlie Weis with the team. It appeared that when Notre Dame finally came back and the game was getting more exciting that Coach Weis had taken over the play calling.

Clausen trying to convince his teammate that his long hair this season was not what was affecting his game playing. HA!David relieved at the end of the game that Notre Dame had rallied back and the win was in sight. Now I have a good feel for David's life when he lived in South Bend. Our weekend couldn't have been better with such hospitable hosts as the Barringtons, a win by Notre Dame, great fall weather, and knowing that Asher was in good care by David's parents (thanks for keeping him for us)!

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david said...

Sweet pictures, honey! What a wonderful wife I have -- she gave me a great birthday present of two tickets to a ND home game. It brought back some terrific memories.