Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jonas is 8 months!

I can hardly believe that we have had Jonas in our lives for 8 months. Time is truly flying by! His personality is coming out each day. He loves to smile and laugh as he has for the past several months but seems to do it even more with such ease. Older brother Asher is great entertainment and Jonas cannot get enough of him. In fact, Jonas loves when Asher gives him attention...hugs or full body tackles and yes, Jonas can hold his own. He is quite our mover! He is sitting up on his own and rolls all over to get what he wants. I can see crawling in his near future but I am not trying to encourage it. :) He is loving the baby food, enjoying everything he has tried so far. He let's us know what he really likes by squealing, shaking his head from side to side or kicking his legs rapidly while being held. A few of his favorite things right now are dogs (any one he sees, although the bigger the better), water (loves to splash with his hands, feet, his whole body if I would just let him dive in), and anything we will let him put in his mouth. We just love having this little boy in our family.
We had his pictures taken earlier this week by Brooke, an associate photographer with Krista Lee Photography. You can see more shots of our preview here.

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melanie said...

sarah, these are adorable. Daisy is still talking about him. She recently told a stranger about baby Jonas coming to our house. they bonded. :)

and I missed the AI finale! can you believe it? I was on vacation and our tivo deleted it before we got home. HUGE BUMMER. or I would have lOVED to post about it.