Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Several of my friends have been pressuring me to join Netflix. However, I have been a Blockbuster member for several years now and feel comfortable with going to the store, holding the dvd case in my hand while reveiwing it's description, being around other movie renters (I am a stay-at-home mom who doesn't get a lot of adult ineraction during the day.), and then having interaction with the workers who check my movie out. Last night, I went to Blockbuster on a typical Friday evening and found it strange that rows were empty in the "new release" section. Then I noticed as I took my movie to the front that the entire section to buy movies was empty. I asked the girl checking me out if they were moving. To my dismay, she informed me that they would be closing their store and that this was the last weekend they were open. I asked both the workers if they were going to be moved to another store and they said they were not. I was terribly sad to hear that they had only been given a couple of days notice about the closing and were losing their jobs! Now, I am going to have to succomb to Netflix. Yes, I have heard all the great things about it--cost, selection, not having to leave my home, etc. But, through all of this, I am realizing that jobs are easily being taken from people from companies like Red Boxes and Netflix, where in many cases you can just download to your computer or tv. So, I will slowly become more tech friendly but less social. :(

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