Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snowy Day

While it may be great to go to Hawaii or some other warm, exotic place for Christmas, you just can't beat going to Ohio and having a white Christmas! The boys and I arrived a few days before Christmas and were welcomed by snow. Asher could not wait to play in it and get dressed as soon as he woke up. We told him that he had to eat breakfast first. Then, we got dressed. My mom went out a bought him some "snow gloves" and "snow boots" that were on clearance. I think the boots may be for girls, but Asher didn't care. They were boots!

Jonas loved just sitting in the snow. Of course, I don't think he could do much more than that with as wrapped up as we had him.

Asher walked all over the yard. I think he wanted to walk through every bit of the fallen snow. His glove looks like it has a lightsaber on it!

Jonas attempting the sled with Nana (my mom).

Asher and I built a tiny snowman. He was so proud and when we turned to go inside, he had a full conversation with the snowman, telling him good-bye and that we would come see him later. It was so sweet.

We have had snow in Nashville since Christmas but when it's less than 1/4", it don't think it counts. We were so thankful to have fun with it in Ohio!!


jodi said...

What cutie patooties! Miss y'all!

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

i can't believe he could build a snowman!!! he sure does look bundled up! so cute.