Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nashville Flood 2010

I have been absent from the blogging world for awhile because of this...

The Nashville flood hit the city hard. This picture of above is two blocks from our home. It is the Farmer's Market that we had just walked to a day before the flood hit. It all seemed surreal and still does when I look back on these photos. It's hard to imagine that we were surrounded on almost all sides of our neighborhood by what seemed like a lake. It took just short of a week for these waters to finally receed. Below is where we exit our neighborhood.

I have been busy with flood relief since this all hit. It has been amazing to see the response of Nashvillians. I helped head up the relief at our church, helping organize volunteers and setting up a donation center. Daily, I would hear the most amazing stories of those being affected and those volunteering and giving of their resources to help rebuild lives. I just wish now that I would have had the time to blog and remember all the stories. My bed won over though! :)
We now have shut down our donation center and are turning our help in another direction. For the time being, I am back to a more normal schedule that I welcome. I am a routine person and found that doing this relief type of work was very "fly by the seat of your pants." I do look forward to finding more oppurtunities to serve flood victims this summer as we shift our focus. While I hurt for those who have lost everything in this flood, I am thankful for the community that was found and united in all of us Nashvillians!

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Karina said...

You did a great job, Sarah, with the flood relief. I am so impressed you were able to do what you did with two little boys. Rad had a great time playing with Asher that one day. Now you can get back to gardening!