Friday, April 30, 2010

Nashville Transit

I love traveling to cities with great public transportation. There is such excitement in riding on a subway with so many other people all going in the same direction but to so many different places. Well, Nashville does not have a great system BUT I am pleased to say that they are making ground. We (the boys and I) along with our neighborhood friends have taken the Nashville City Circuit or the "green city bus" (as Asher likes to call it) on two different occasions. Our first ride we just took the entire loop to see where all of the stops were. The second time we took it was on a day we went to the library for a puppet show. We just walk to the Farmer's Market where we can easily hop on board. The boys love it, but maybe not quite as much as their mama. I have yet to tell you the best part of's FREE! Can you believe that? Our family will be making many more trips downtown. If you would like to join us or want more info, let me know!!