Tuesday, December 7, 2010

camera problems

This is a picture similar to my camera that is no longer working. Could this be worse timing? So now I am frantically trying to research what kind of camera to get, SLR or point-and-shoot? Should I go with a Canon or a Nikon? Oh, the questions are endless. If you have a camera that you love and would recommend to me, it would really help me out!!


Danielle said...

TOTAL Canon snob. You must go SLR. Must. You have kids that move. If you want a good picture of them, you must get an SLR!!!! I would say Canon but I am sure Nikon is fine. I kinda like the sound of the Nikon shutter but that is no reason to buy one! :)

Ginger said...

I got the Nikon D3000 this past spring and love it. Do a little research and see what you think.

carrie said...

absolutely go SLR. as for brand, i used to have the canon rebel, and now i have a nikon D90. they're both easy to use (although the canon might be a little easier) and take great pictures (but the nikon is a bit better quality).