Tuesday, November 30, 2010

count down to christmas

So this is NOT my advent calendar above but the one that I got the idea from. You can go here to learn how to make your own from Jolly Allsorts blog...if you dare!! :) I would show you a picture of mine but my camera is not working. :( How can this be with the first day of December tomorrow. I may need one of my nearby friends to stop by daily and take pictures of our happenings until I can get mine fixed. OR, maybe I should change our first activity to "go buy a new camera." ha!! Well here is our final list that we hope to attempt this advent season. Would love to hear how you count down to Christmas! Special thanks to Carrie and Rachel for your ideas.

12/1 Read the Nativity story

12/2 Buy present for Angel Tree.

12/3 Watch Christmas movie of choice.

12/4 Go to Breakfast with Santa.

12/5 Make gingerbread house.

12/6 Make Christmas cookies.

12/7 Give cookies to trash men.

12/8 Make jingle bells and sing song.

12/9 Read a special Christmas book.

12/10 Give cookies to firemen.

12/11 Watch Christmas movie of choice.

12/12 Walk through Bethlehem.

12/13 Give cookies to mailman.

12/14 Take dinner to a needy family.

12/15 Donate winter coats.

12/16 Deliver gifts to Contributor vendors

12/17 Give cookies to policemen.

12/18 Clean out toys.

12/19 Learn a Christmas song

12/20 Go see Christmas train display

12/21 Watch Christmas movie of choice

12/22 Make a donation to non-profit of choice

12/23 Write letter to Santa.

12/24 Set out cookies for Santa.

12/25 Make donation to Heifer International.


Kara said...

What a fantastic idea (both the cute little advent pockets and the family activities)! Maybe if I start making one now, I can be finished by next Christmas :) Seriously, your ideas inspire me to be more intentional about this season with my kids.

Anonymous said...

What a fun December you have planned for you and your boys! I was flipping through a magazine and saw these ideas you may want to keep in mind for next year.
1) Have a hot chocolate stand (like a lemonade stand) and donate proceeds to charity
2) Make wrapping paper out of butcher paper and stamps
3) Load up in the car in your PJ's with hot chocolate and go look at Christmas lights.

-Rachel Kennedy

The Normans! said...

You inspire me too, Sarah! I'm gonna try to make this happen next year!