Thursday, June 16, 2011


So a couple of years ago, I posted this about blueberry plants. At the time, I was more than ready to plant a few of these bushes and start reaping the benefits since my boys (David included) have me buying frozen blueberries and fresh (when in season) on a weekly basis. Well, I am a procrastinator at heart so it shouldn't be surprising that two years later, I now have two blueberry plants finally in the ground. I was excited that they came bearing fruit and just needed sun and time to ripen. You can see above that we have harvested a few of these delicious berries. However, I failed to cover them with a net and so the birds have come and removed all the remaining fruit. Well, maybe in two more years, I will get some nets and we will actually have enough to freeze for the winter!! (I will probably need to plant three more plants as well. I read that for a family of four you need 5 plants to produce enough blueberries.)

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Karina said...

I'm jealous that you even have ANY blueberries. I have two beautiful blueberry plants, and neither of them has a single bloom this year. Very confusing.