Tuesday, July 12, 2011

U2 Chicago

The day after the U2 concert in Nashville, David and I headed to Chicago for the next leg of the tour. We are not groupies...I promise! For the two previous concerts, we had tickets for reserved seats. We decided to do General Admission for the Chicago show to try and get a closer experience. However, in order to get this closer experience, we had to give up an entire day of our lives to waiting in line. We arrived at Soldier Field at around 8:45 a.m. on the day of the concert. We were not the first to arrive...ha! We were #523 and #524. Thankfully, we were positioned in the shade so this was the first of many things we were grateful.

We quickly made friends with those around us who were from the varying states of Ohio, Wisconsin and Kentucky. Each group had a different experience with U2 and a different reason for being there. We came prepared to wait out the day with cards and books but found that the conversations with those around us moved the time more quickly and didn't even need these forms of entertainment. Due to the warm weather, the stadium and U2 were concerned for our well-being and wanted everyone in the shade. So, the first 700+ of us GA's were moved to the inside of the stadium. Here we are inside at our new spot in line.

Three different times we were given "markings" to determine our "place." We were given our "un"official Sharpie # that marked where we were upon arrival in line. We then were given green bracelets to mark that we were general admission ticket holders. The black stamp was given to us for entrance in/out of the inner circle once we made it inside.

We had to choose our spot quickly once we were let onto the field of the stadium. We decided on the back railing of the inside circle so that we could get a full view of the stage, screen and have a level view of the outside ring where all four band members at some point during the concert would walk past us. We also had the bonus of being able to lean against the back railing, which was a life-saver on our backs!!

Here are a few shots during the concert. I had hoped to get better shots but it's difficult when it's dark and they are moving quickly. But I was able to capture the proximity of ourselves to the band.

At then end of one of their songs, it began to sprinkle for just about a minute. However, it was long enough that they put up their umbrellas on stage. How cool are they?!!

The entire day was an incredible experience and worth every minute of the wait! I would do it again....no, I don't have tickets for another show...yet! ha!


David Wilson said...

I had SO much fun with you in Chicago!! So sorry that Bono didn't pull you up on stage. HIS LOSS.
Where are we going to see them next?

Blessings not just for those who kneel.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I'm glad you guys had such an amazing time! I have a feeling this won't be your last U2 show. :)
Angie W.