Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School and New Words

We had cooler weather today and Labor Day is approaching so summer must be coming to an end. Our afternoons spent in the baby pool might be over. So, I wanted to share the picture above of how we spent the hottest days of the summer.

Another sign of summer ending is school back in session. Asher and I are not back in school but David is. David is teaching an 8-week course again at Lipscomb University (with the understanding that he is done once the baby arrives :)). He started back last night. It makes for a long Monday for all of us. He goes straight from work to teach from 5:30-9:30pm. Thankfully, our good friends Zane and Jodi came over for dinner last night and helped make Asher and my night go by faster. So, if anyone is every looking to hang out on a Monday night, Asher and I would love to visit!
Even though Asher is not in school, he is taking to learning new words right now. It seems like he is learning a new word every day so it is fun to see what it will be. Today's new word was "mailman." This really is no surprise because he gets so excited when he hears the mailman driving down our street and loves to watch him take the mail to each mailbox.

Here is a brief list of words he is now saying: dada, mama, nana (in that order), ball (oldie but goodie), park, more, bath, no (which is actually one of the cutest word he says because he really forms his lips into an "o" but I try not to laugh since it could lead to bad things), noah, block, bus, ice (the other cutest word that he says), bird. I am sure there are a few more but these are popular ones right now.

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