Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Late Night Outing

At 11:45pm on Tuesday evening, I woke up to Asher crying and not a typical "I am trying to fall back asleep cry." David had been working downstairs and came up to check on Asher. I immediately hear David say that Asher is having trouble breathing. There is nothing scarier than hearing your child struggle to breath and waiting for the doctor to call back to tell you what to do. We hear from the doctor and end up having to make a 1pm trip to the doctor's office. (Just one other reason why we LOVE Dr. Mallard....he drives into the office at 1pm to see what is wrong with Asher.) It turns out the little one has croup! So our lives have been on hold for the past few days and I am trying to sleep when Asher does. I guess he's just trying to prepare me for the lack of sleep I will be getting when baby brother arrives.

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