Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor of Love

*picture from Labor of Love site on Facebook
Above is an event this Sunday night in Nashville, Tennessee to support Sisters of Rwanda, Falling Whistles, Dry Tears, eXile international, ArtStopsViolence, and Global Support Mission.
David and I hope that one of us is able to attend (we will proabably have to do rock, paper, scissors to see who will get to go). David actually met this past week with a girl who works with eXile international and learned about her work, including counseling children soldiers in Africa, displaced Africans in refugee camps, and even families affected by the violence from the Kenyan presidential elections.
We also came across this blog from the Falling Whistles organization. I highly recommmend spending some time reading through some of the exerpts in this blog to make yourself uncomfortable (so that you may find a way to make a difference) and more aware of the children being taken in the Congo and forced into becoming soldiers.

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