Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jonas is 4 months!

We have been blessed with four precious months with Jonas. He has begun to roll over, first from his stomach to his back and a week later he rolled from his back to his stomach. He is getting longer by the minute! He is noticing his toys more and grabbing for anything in sight. He is constantly trying to sit himself up when you hold him or if he is sitting in his bouncy seat. We can already see many differences between him and Asher. But we love them both the way they are!

He continues to goo and laugh with delight when he sees our faces, especially when he sees Asher running or jumping around the room. Althouth, this week he has been showing us a new side of crying...we think he is teething (or so we hope this is what his new onset of fussiness is all about). We can't wait to see what his fifth month of life will bring to our lives.

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