Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

So this year's Valentine's Day wasn't like the ones David and I have shared in the past. We went out on our "date night" on Friday in hopes to see a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, the movie was sold out so we spent the evening at Barnes and Nobles and the Starbucks inside. (We couldn't just go home...we had babysitters. thanks Nana and Pops!) David is such a sweet husband that he brought me home these tulips below on Saturday morning after going to get them in his pajamas.

Our week preparing for Valentine's Day included baking, making homemade cards, and eating chocolate truffles from Trader Joe's for $2.99 a box! Asher enjoyed the dumping, mixing, rolling out the dough part of the baking but was forced to complete the valentine's cards we made. Below are two of the treats we made...chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache icing and heart shaped sugar cookies with Nana's (David's mom) yummy icing.

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