Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I have slowly become obsessed with the children from Slumdog Millionaire (pictured below). If you have not seen Slumdog Millionaire yet, I highly recommend it for several reasons. Of course, it did win the most Oscars so it doesn't really require my recommendations. :)

Here are a few reasons why this movie captured me....
It reminded me of the Kenyan street children that David and I worked with when living in Kenya.
The footage was REAL. They didn't just construct a scene of slums in Bollywood but actually went to the slums of Mumbai and went to the brothels. These visions are so real to me in my experience of walking through the slums in Nairobi.
David and I dream one day of adopting internationally and we have thought about India. We would like to rescue a girl from having a future in the brothels. The images in this movie have only encouraged our desires.

picture from here. The children from the movie were able to come to the US for the Oscars as well as some sightseeing, including Disneyland. Seeing this picture above also reminds me of when we brought a few of the Kenyans over to the US for a visit. I loved watching them experience the newness of America with them. I do hope that these children will return to India with a new hope in their hearts that they can overcome their life in the slums and possibly one day be able to make a difference in the slums where they are currently living. I also hope that those who see this movie will be inspired to reach out to the least of these on this earth and see that we live with amenities that the rest of the world cannot fathom....to even the simplest of things like a flushing toilet.

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