Monday, May 18, 2009

Chattanooga Aquarium

This past weekend our friend Francis Mbuvi was visiting from Kenya. We worked with him for 6 months at Made in the Streets when we lived in Nairobi, Kenya. In our effort to find something fun and different for him to see, we found ourselves traveling to Chatanooga on Saturday to the aquarium.
I had to take a pictures of these sting rays below because I had never seen any like these AND also because my friend Melanie recently got stung by one (not these pictured) while walking in the ocean.

There were "petting" areas where you could touch (using only 2 fingers) whatever was in the tank. I caught a picture of Francis touching a sting ray.

David and Asher watched from a distance.

This was Asher's favorite part of the aquarium. The Penguins! He wanted to touch the fake ones and didn't want to leave the reals ones once he saw them. He kept trying to walk like a penguin and would shake his head like they did when they would climb out of the water. I must admit it was one of my favorite parts becuase you could see them swim under the water and then emerge onto land.

I have many other pictures but they just didn't turn out great. It's hard to capture a good picture in a dark aquarium with lots of glass. I would recommend the aquarium to those who are wondering. Also, if you have a zoo membership, you get a discount.

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jodi said...

awww! Asher looks like such a big boy!