Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Menus

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I feel that I am not alone in the "what's for dinner?" boat. When my friends from my playgroup get together, I find us constantly asking each other "what are you making for dinner tonight?" There are some great cooks in our group so I like to hear what they are making and discover new ways to put different foods together. Plus, they all like to cook healthy things, which is helpful for me to become more creative with my recipes. I would love to have up to a month's worth of recipes that are healthy, inexpensive, and not too difficult to make. When I can plan a weekly menu, I find that my groceries are cheaper and I don't have to make frequent revisits to the grocery store for things to make for dinner that night. What is most difficult for me is that the only meat we eat is chicken or turkey, which limits our menu options. So, here are a few websites that I have found that are helping me come up with new ideas.

Menu Planning Resources post on Simple Mom (gives examples of a weekly menu and resource links)
Menu Plan Monday by Organized Junkie (every Monday links for posts of weekly menus and many with recipe links)

Healthy Recipe sites
Whole Foods Recipes
Cooking Light recipes

My question to you is do you have ideas for a weekly menu or even a favorite menu for one night that you could share? Is there a website that you frequently visit for recipe ideas or do you have a favorite cookbook?

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Karina said...

I really like the All Recipes Dinner Tonight cookbook for a variety of options. It is a compilation of the favorite recipes from One thing I like about it is that they include notes in the margins from other people who have cooked that particular recipe. It often includes ways to decrease fat content or add additional vegetables. My favorite recipe in it is Chicken Breasts Pierre, which you can probably find on the website.