Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After I had Asher, I realized that hoping in and out of my car to complete an errand was no longer going to be quick or easy. I suddenly began finding all the things that I could do by driving up to a drive-thru. These are a few that I take advantage of often: mail a letter at the post office, return my movie to Blockbuster (although the box isn't always open at the one on West End--why is this?), go to the bank or drycleaners, and even drop off/pick up a prescription at Wal-Greens without ever getting out of my car. Fabulous, especially when you have a baby/toddler that doesn't mind being in his carseat.

As great as all that is, I find myself wanting more....
I wish that the post office had a drive-thru service to purchase stamps and mail packages.
I wish that there was a drive-thru service at the grocery store. What I really think would be a great thing is for the option to call in your order at the grocery store (within a certain limit of items of course), and you could pull up to curbside pick-up and they would deliver your products to your car (because you gave them the description of your car, like when you order food from a nicer restaurant). Oh if only this would come about before baby #2 arrives! Any takers to create this great venture? I hope this doesn't sound like I am lazy. It's just sometimes the trip to go in and just get milk shouldn't take 15 minutes because Asher now knows about the elevator at Harris Teeter and wants to go up even though we don't need anything on the second floor. :) And just to add that I really am not trying to be selfish, I think this would be a great option for the elderly and handicapped customers.

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Karina said...

I can't help with the packages, but I buy all of my stamps in the checkout line at Kroger. They just add them to your bill. I also heard that Harris Teeter, in Brentwood, does have a service like that for buying your groceries. You can actually order it online, choose a pick-up time, and then drive to a window. I think I heard about it on the local part of NPR. That doesn't help for those spur-of-the-moment trips, though.