Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Safe Mama

As many of you know, I am trying to find more natural, safe products for our family to use. It is difficult these days to research everything and try to find what is best. I know that many of my friends have switched their bottles to either glass or other safe plastics that are BPA-free (like Born Free). Sunscreen has been a big issue for me this summer since Asher's skin seems a little more sensitive and many of the brands have some harsh chemicals in them. Our doctor recommended Blue Lizard, which I have been using. I had not researched it until recently and found it to be a safe sunscreen on average but has a higher health risk than others on the market. Here is a list of safer baby sunscreens: Jason's Sunbrella's Minerals, California Baby SPF 30, and TruKid Sunny Days Everyday Mineral Sunscreen. One of the mom's in our playgroup recommended this website: http://safemama.com/ . They are known for their "one-stop child safety, product-recall, well-being, eco-conscience resource for parents." They have new information everyday that is very helpful. Today's post stated that Pyrex lids are BPA-free...very helpfuul information. So if you are needing some help on certain products and don't have time to call the manufacturer, you should check this website out!

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Karina said...

That has been a big issue for us too this summer. I was mostly worried about the estrogens found in all of the popular brands of sunscreens, which have been shown to cause gender-bending problems in some of the test animals. We switched to California Baby sunscreen. It seems to work great on Radnor, but I had one day when it didn't really work that well on me.