Friday, July 18, 2008

Pasta Fresca

David and I took a trip to Italy before Asher was born and while we were there we enjoyed some of the best pasta. Whenever we would look over the menus of restaurants, we would always try to find "pasta fresca" which means "fresh pasta." If you have never had fresh pasta and can't make a trip to Italy, Nashville has the place for you...Lazzaroli Pasta. Lazzaroli Pasta is a store located in historic Germantown on 5th Avenue North. A friend tipped me off on it this week and told me they were making a special batch of whole wheat pasta. So, I had to go check it out. I chose the whole wheat linguine and couldn't resist the spinach ravoli (our favorite dish while in Italy). Their selection includes: fresh pasta, varieties of ravioli, homemade sauces, and many different pantry items. They also have vegan and wheat/gluten free pastas. For their more speciality items like the vegan or whole wheat, it's best if you call in advance to place your order and they will most likely have it ready later that day or 24 hours later.
(picture from Lazzaroli's website)

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Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

oh, thanks for the tip! we'll have to go down there!!