Monday, July 7, 2008

Second Avenue Trade Company

These are a pair of earrings that I bought from a new fair trade company last week.
My friend Linda invited me to a party that was introducing a new fair trade company that is based out of Nashville. It was a really fun evening with musical artists playing while we checked out the items for sale. We also learned about Global Support Mission that is sponsored through this company. They are currently selling products, including jewelry, paper products, home accents, and other products, from Nepal and Uganda. You can learn more and even shop by visiting Second Avenue Trade Company. I was simply amazed by all of their beautiful hand-crafted products and still cannot believe that the prices are fair trade. I am always looking for options like these to buy products that I know are helping people who are living in extreme poverty. Below is a picture of Victor who lives at the Home Again Orphanage supported by Global Support Mission.


Karina said...

Sarah, I'm glad to have another blog to check! Those earrings are so cute! I also love the pictures of Asher below.

Beyla said...

People should read this.