Saturday, November 27, 2010

advent sneak peak

Here is a quick sneak peak of the advent calendar that I have been working on since LAST Christmas. I think it should be ready for December 1 of this year if I can get 5 more red buttons. The ones I went with were not what I had in mind but I gave up on it just to complete this already too long of a project. I still would like to solicit some of your help for this calendar. While I will go with the fun, traditional theme of filling each day with a special chocolate candy for us to enjoy, I also found a cute idea of including an activity for our family to do each day. Here is a sampling of things that I have come up with so far but would love any other ideas!!

-Give cookies to our trash men, mailman and local firemen and police men.
-Take dinner to a family in need.
-Make homemade decorations for the tree.
-Make cut-out sugar cookies and ice.
-Buy presents for an Angel Tree child.
-Make a gingerbread house.


Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

Maybe read a traditional book...or the story of Jesus' birth...make gingerbread men...pick out a few toys to give away to make room for new ones...take a picture with santa...write a letter to santa...just a few ideas.

those are so cute!!

Carrie, The Modern Housewife said...

oh! and what about watching a charlie brown christmas movie?

Anonymous said...

Learn a Christmas song in your Wednesday music time. Perhaps add "jingle bells" as one of their instruments that day. We always enjoyed going to the Trees of Christmas as a family growing up. When we were in Chicago, the Lincoln Park zoo was all lit up- maybe the Nashville zoo has something for the holidays. Sounds like you are going to have a fun December!
- Rachel Kennedy