Monday, November 22, 2010

hospitality on the streets

Last night I was privileged to go to the Tokens Show at The Ryman. The night focused on "The Welcome Table" and living out hospitality. Hospitality comes easy when it's welcoming those who are just like us. It's not as easy to welcome the stranger. Daily, I try to find opportunities to demonstrate hospitality to people the world might quickly pass by. One great way to do this is to buy The Nashville Contributor from a street vendor. I can find ways in just those small moments to connect with someone who lives differently than myself. What is difficult for me is trying to decide which vendor to buy my paper from since I can see up to four or five vendors in a 1 mile radius. I try to change up who I buy from and often find myself with several copies of the same paper. Two of my good friends, Andrew and Lindsey Krinks, have written several articles in The Contributor. I hope the next time you see a vendor that you will use this time to demonstrate hospitality in a paper and learn one thing about the vendor!!

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