Tuesday, November 2, 2010

music class dress up

I signed up the boys for a music class this year with Music with Mommie. They have enjoyed it so far and have made some new friends. For our class this past week, the kids all dressed up. This was our first time to try out our Halloween costumes. Asher was excited about being a football player. Jonas liked the idea of being a monkey UNTIL he had to put on the costume. I couldn't even get him to put to hood on for one picture.

All the kids enjoying the music (although you can't hear it in this picture :)) and bubbles...minus one kid.

Here is the child missing from the above picture. Still quite unhappy with the monkey situaiton.

One of Asher's favorite things to do is to play the "big drum." It can get quite loud when all of them play.

Asher enjoying dancing with the scarves (not stars..ha!) and yes, that is the hidden Jonas, crouching monkey!

Well, at least one out of two enjoyed the dress up time.

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Kara Graves said...

I am just glad some children enjoy music class. . .ahh, maybe next year!!