Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birthday Week

My friend Allison and I believe that you should not celebrate your birthday for just one day but make it a week of fun! It doesn't matter when you start the week celebrating just that your actual birthday is somewhere within the week. So, my birthday week started this past Saturday with my mom, stepdad (Bruce) and aunt Candy coming to Nashville. My mom (and Asher) made us all waffles for breakfast.

Then, David and Bruce watched the boys so my mom, aunt and I could go shopping and out for lunch. It was so nice to be out and not have to load two boys in and out of their carseats and also to eat lunch as soon as it was served to me. :) We finished up the day by eating dinner at Pie in the Sky Pizza and then returned home for a delicious strawberry cake from The Flour Shop (thanks, David)!!

Can you guess how old I am from the candles on the cake?

Today is my official birthday and it was a great day, including beginning to potty train Asher. He went 5 times!! We'll see how it goes tomorrow and I may blog about it.

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