Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tonight we celebrated an incredible woman's mother-in-law, Kay! I won't say what year we celebrated but there are hints of it in some of the images below (sorry Nana). Kay asked for us not to make a big deal out of her birthday, meaning not a big suprise party like we did for David's dad's birthday on a particular milestone. However, she is such a special lady to so many that we couldn't let the day go by without those people having a chance to let her know, so we compromised. Many of her friends sent cards, special memories and pictures of them with Kay over the years. We then compiled a scrapbook full of all of these things from both her family and friends. This is what I have been working on all week with the help of others. She loved it!

Nana with Skylar (enjoyed the beginning of the party but had to call it a night early)
Pops had to work during the first part of the party but we were so glad he was able to make it for the end and just in time to have some cake! Jonas and Asher were so glad to see Pops. (We are a little worried about Asher's appears he needs binoculars to see Pops. :))

The grandkids helping Nana blow out the candles on her cake.

My nightmare story for the day...
I of course wanted to make the cake for the party and spent last night and this morning baking, icing and decorating the cake. I placed the cake on my glass cake stand with it's lid, placed it on the dashboard of the car as I was putting Asher in the car and as David closed the door on the opposite side, the cake slid off, glass shattered and the cake fell into the lid....not savageable due to small pieces of glass in the cake. So, Nana got this beautiful and very tasty cake from Puffy Muffin!

Greg, Julie and Angie enjoying the low key party at Greg and Angie's house.

Elijah and Luke updating their status on Facebook...(just kidding)

What a fun night with our family--Ralph and Kay; Greg (David's brother), Angie, Elijah, Meadow and Skylar; Steve, Julie(David's sister), Luke and Katie and our family! (Oh, and this is not the last of November birthdays for the Wilson family.)

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