Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Travel potty training

I have been potty training Asher over the past week. He is responding very well within our home and even today went without an accident. However, we have yet to go out of our house wihout a diaper, although, we have had successes of being gone for over 2 hours and returning with a dry diaper. So, this weekend we will be traveling to Ohio and I am not sure what to do about the potty training. Should I put it on hold until we return? Take the potty with us? Stop frequently along the way and have him "try" to go? If any of you have any experience in this, please let me know. I would love some advice.


Karina said...

One thing you might try is to put a pull-up over his underwear while he's in the car. When Rad was attending preschool, they did this during nap times. He never had a single accident at school, even though he routinely still pees in his pull-up during home nap times. If Asher feels like he still has underwear on, he might be less likely to feel free to revert back to total diaper use. Other than that, I would just try to stop at regular intervals and have him go on a normal potty, with a potty topper. Good luck! We are still dealing with daily issues, even though I consider Radnor to be mostly potty-trained.

Kara said...

I second Karina's advice about the pull-up and stopping on the way. Since he's doing so well with the potty training this week, I wouldn't put it on hold until you get may find yourself back at square one! Good luck and have a fun trip!