Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday

You may already have searched the ads and found the cheapest prices for your Christmas gifts this year...and they ALL are on sale THIS FRIDAY!!! So, what do you do? Do you go out and fight the crowds, risk your LIFE (because yes, people have actually died on Black Friday in stampedes for their on-sale gift), buy, buy buy? And shouldn't we to help the economy...that's what our country tries to tell us, right? I challenge you to do something else this Friday that goes against the norm. I challenge you to BUY NOTHING!! Please read the reasons why below and know that if you choose this challenge you will not be alone. And, I would love to hear how it made you think differently of what your are buying and why?

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Below are excerpts from buynothingday.org.

"Buy Nothing Day is your special day to unshop, unspend and unwind. Relax and do nothing for the economy and for yourself - at least for a single day. It's a reminder to stop and think about why you're spending."

"When it comes right down to it, it's not that we believe a single day without shopping makes a big enough impact in itself. But if we stop and think about it for a day, we might find out that we're more deeply tangled in the dragnet of consumerism than we imagined. This knowledge could be life-changing. If we disect our spending habits we'll see how we have a significant local effect. But we are part of the big picture as well, and if we take a stand others will as well, and we can see that impact on a global scale. If we buy nothing for just one day, perhaps we'll realize the true value of watching HOW we spend."

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