Sunday, November 15, 2009

Words of Asher

I don't have anything big to share today (yesterday's blog kind of wiped me out..ha!) So, I thought that I would just post about a couple of funny comments that Asher said today.

Returning home from church, David asked Asher what he did in class today.
Ashers' answer: "Watched Jesus on TV." (Was Jesus in a sitcom or a mystery drama or maybe he was on a reality tv show...ha!)

David's second question to Asher, "Who was in your class today?"
Asher's answer: "Jesus" (Nice! Asher not only got to see Jesus on TV but he also made a special appearance in his Sunday school class.)

Hope your Sunday was filled with unexpected answers that made you laugh!


Karina said...

It's nice that Asher even mentions something about Jesus. Every Sunday, when we ask Radnor what he studied in Bible class, he replies, "I taked the (insert name of toy of the day) away from Finley (or Wallace, or Ty, or Micah...)". Never any mention of anything biblical!

The Normans! said...

Asher is so sweet! His comments remind me of what Elijah said after one Wednesday night. We asked him what he learned about that night, and he replied "Jesus.". Then we asked what exactly did he learn about Jesus, and he replied, "Jesus has a black beard". It's so funny what they retain!

The Normans! said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello?! Uncle Greg was their, too.

Uncle Greg