Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Over the river and through the woods to Nana's house we go!" Asher always requests we sing the "over the river" song when we go to my mom's (Nana) house or to David's parents house (Nana). It's great that we cross a river (or a small creek) on the way to both of their houses. So, this is what we sang on our drive down to David's parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner tonight and what a feast we had. The table was set and gave a warm welcome to all with such creativity. Boxes filled with chocolate kisses and what Pops and Nana were thankful for in each of us. Even Scrabble tiles found their way to our table to say "Happy Thanksgiving."

Of course no Thanksgiving meal is complete without the variety of pies to choose from (or not choose from and just have a sample of all, if you are like me...and Pops!) We had chocolate cream pie, pumpkin pie and apple raspberry pie (my first stab at a fruit pie).

Elijah, Asher and Meadow gave us a small window to play a hand of cards while they watched a movie. (You may notice Asher is wearing his sweatpants since we are not quite accident-free in the potty training just yet. :))

Nana trying to get Jonas to dance.

Angie trying to gather up the family to get Skylar home...who was ready for bed. The turkey drug had finally kicked in. :)

Random picture of Kay and me. I told David I wanted to make sure I was in one of the pictures so that when we look back on this Thanksgiving I'll know that I was there. Ha!

So thankful for this past week of sweet time with family in Ohio and family in Tennessee and for this holiday that gives us an oppurtunity to share our thankfulness!

Now let's get out the Christmas decorations!!

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Paul & Julie said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Canadian thanksgiving was in October, so I'm like, come on Christmas, get here already! You look great!