Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Week's Worth of Halloween

Halloween came early to our house and lasted longer than the one day holiday. We started off celebrating with our neighborhood playgroup. I made these mini "carmel" apples (they were actually dipped in melted butterscotch chips). The kids loved them!

We then dressed the kids up for our church's trunk or treat. Asher was a fireman...no surprise there. And Jonas was his sidekick dalmation. If we had thought earlier than the day of the event, it would have been cute to turn our red car into a fire engine...oh, but that's right we are procrastinators and yes, I was completing Jonas' costume in the car on the way to the trunk or treat.

We parked next to our good friends, Preston and Sherisse. Asher adores their two girls, especially their oldest who was Little Mermaid. We were excited for Preston that he finally has a little boy to dress up in a Star Wars costume.

Asher and I made Halloween sugar cookies...well, I made the dough but he practically did all of the rolling, cutting and scooping with a spatula to place on our cookie sheet. Mmmmmm, we enjoyed plenty of ghosts, pumpkins, bats and cats!

One of our favorite things to do for Halloween is taking the kids to David's office to trick or treat around his office floor. The secretaries all set out candy for the kids. We then had lunch in his office. It was a very special time for Asher!
And yes, we did have plenty of people calling Jonas a girl. I used one of my headbands to make his dog ears and it does make him a look a little girlish. :)

On the actual day of Halloween, we decided not to go out trick or treating but to have our good friends from the neighborhood over for a small dinner party. We enjoyed yummy fall foods--soup, salad, pumpkin muffins, warm apple cider. The kids dressed up and below is Asher's good friend Gavin as Thomas the Train. His mom made this from cardboard, very resourceful AND very cute!

We had invited Asher's other good friend Jack and his parents to the party but his mom was sick. So, they dropped by for some trick or treating. We loved Jack the lion! So very cute.

Well, we have recoverd from our week of Halloween and are now preparing for Thanksgiving festivities.

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