Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nephew's Birthday

Last weekend (yes, I am a little behind in my blogging), our nephew turned six years old. Amazing how time flies for little ones. We enjoyed being with family and his friends.

I made the cake...the theme was "Alvin the Chipmunk." My sister-in-law and I were both a little surprised by his request but it was a fun cake to do. Asher enjoyed watching the completion of it and commented that the chipmunk had an "A" on his shirt. Great that we were able to practice our letters on this cake! :)

Thanks for inviting us to your party, Elijah!

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Karina said...

Another very cute cake! Have you seen that show, "Cake Boss"? It comes on on channel 45, at 9:00, on Monday evenings. It is amazing to watch the creativity that goes into the cakes they make. Of course, they have every cake decorating tool known to man, but still... their ideas are fantastic!